and workshops
that focus specifically
on photography.

LaBabuch is an old farmhouse that has been restored with the help and collaboration of many people. A place surrounded by nature, inviting calmness and concentration, perfect for learning and sharing ideas in the creative fields. 

The core use of the space is to host gatherings with various creators, mainly focusing on photography. Also, in the near future, it will be made available for residencies, giving people with a creative project in mind a place to live and work while developing it.

LaBabuch is a project created by Israel Ariño and Clara Gassull. LaBabuch is their home, and their workshop, too. 

LaBabuch is located in a rural area between the towns of Ingrandes and Mérigny, in the southern part of the Centre-Val de Loire region of France. The closest train stations are Chatellerault, Poitiers and Chateauroux.

One part of the house has been completely remodelled and we are still working on the other.
Inside, there is a kitchen/dining room, bathroom, three double bedrooms and a large workshop space with a library focusing on photography, a video projector and worktables, all of which is available for participants to use. During gatherings, the three bedrooms are rearranged to suit the participants’ needs, made into shared dormitories. 

Most of the activities take place in the workshop, but the house is also on a large plot of land that is perfect for resting, reading and calmly sharing. Behind the house, there is a path that leads through the forest to the nearest river: Anglin. 


Over the course of the year, LaBabuch hosts a series of gatherings with local and international creators. The project approaches the learning process based on attitude, creativity, exchange and shared experiences. So, the groups are small and LaBabuch provides full room and board¹ for all participants.

We promote a different sort of learning –understood as a process, not a goal– that gives participants valuable life experience in a family-like setting, without interruptions and far from the daily hustle and bustle.

Through these gatherings, we aim to encourage creation, developing practices that use photography as a means of expression, providing those interested with the tools to use it for their professional and/or artistic purposes.

¹LaBabuch encourages local trade by purchasing products at markets nearby. When putting together the day’s menus, we take into consideration any special needs participants may have (allergies, food intolerance and diets).

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